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Legal tax optimisation isn’t based on the fact that some countries "don’t talk" with each other and don’t currently pass on data about tax residents or deposit funds to a foreign bank that is supposed to keep banking secrecy and information about the fact that money is stored in it. What has just been described here are the typical examples of tax avoidance, which is illegal in most countries and is something that we definitely don’t recommend.


The objective of fair and effective tax planning is to find a solution whereby the advantages offered by individual countries are legitimately exploited. Therefore, we strongly advise you not to consider offshore optimisation unless you know international law in detail and are familiar with the laws and financial regulations in the destination you’re targeting.


If you're thinking about setting-up an offshore business, we'd like to share our experience and advise you which solution would be most suitable for your purposes.


Company registered office


You’re thinking about a new company, we can fulfill your wishes by providing a prestigious address for the company's registered office.


Our addresses are prestigious and they’re not cellars, empty rooms and other inappropriate spaces. Always avoid such places. It also entails the risk of a fine and the possibility of the cancellation of your company by the Commercial Court or the abolition of VAT payments. You must also have a mailbox placed at that address and you must receive correspondence here, otherwise, again it could lead to fines.


A professional company such as ours will provide you with a residence at a prestigious address, which can be an apartment house or a non-residential premises, registered as an office where they also accept mail and provide you with more comfort when fulfilling responsibilities associated with providing the company's registered office.


What will registered office from us secure for you?


• a clear and legible image

• privacy in your place of residence

• anonymity in the capital city

• affiliation to the Tax Office according to the Company’s registered office

• simple accessibility of offices and all institutions


Save costs:


There are quite a few of expenses. You’ll save on rent, which you need to add a deposit for half a year, energy payments, telephone, internet, administrative expenses and your secretary or assistant. Also a saving for office equipment and the necessary office insurance. You won’t need more employees. Next, you also outsmart bureaucracy in the form of reporting your business to the appropriate authorities, which requires the owner's consent, lots of documents, forms, papers and confirmations. There is really a lot to invest in and pay for and then subsidise every month. Your time is valuable.


We have a clear SOLUTION for you!


We offer exclusive locations at very reasonable prices, which include:

• legal designation of your company's registered office

• statutory receipt of documents and their custody

• at selected addresses, a warm welcome at the reception desk for your guests during

  working hours within the virtual office


Bank Account Opening Service


Business isn’t just about making money, it's about ideas, perennial work, financial literacy, art and decision to not only carry the risk for yourself but also for others, and last but not least, about banks and taxes.


You may find that opening a company bank account abroad or for a foreign company anywhere else, isn’t a problem. Well, even such illusions are routing around the world... Nowadays, you can’t just come to a bank and say at the window "I would like to set-up an account, here's the money," and receive an electronic account. The situation on the international market is changing from day to day, and nowadays banks are choosing their prospective clients carefully. Many cases and scandals are giving them the right to do so as it isn’t a good advertisement for a bank if it's mentioned in connection with fraud. Banks are subject to strict regulations. Therefore, if you open a bank account for your business, expect that the bank will select and prosper both you as well as your grandmother. Especially if you’re opening a bank account on behalf of an offshore company, i.e. a company that resides abroad and can be in a tax heaven. But even onshore companies that are based in their home country aren’t always safe for banks.


Whether you start with business (and whether it's an offshore or onshore company) or just your company on the international market is growing, if you want to be more confident that your business will go in the right direction and overcome others, then it's a proof of professionalism to use the bank account opening service to make it easy for you to communicate with the bank and help you in many other ways.


We’ll help you choose the right bank for your business because each company is individual and requires specific conditions that will make it easier for you to get to the forefront as well as facilitating communication in the bank and preparing all documentation for the bank.

You’ll be accompanied by a consultant from us to the selected banks for a personal interview with a banker. We are well-groomed and over the years we know how to deal with the bankers quieter queries.


Why should you actually think about setting up a bank account in a country other than the one where the company is domiciled?


A bank account abroad gives you a number of future benefits. You’ll be relieved of the risks that accompany each business, whether it’s the impact of competition, acceleration of payments, savings on foreign exchange, insolvency proceedings, etc. You’ll make an important step in the proper distribution of risks in business. In addition, you’ll increase your availability for foreign clients, save bank charges and time on bank transfers for yourself and your clients.

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